Elementary 17: No Fried Foods

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What could it hurt, a little fried food for lunch, no big deal, right? If it means that you get to eat quibe, esfirra, coxinha and pastelzinhos, perhaps the extra calories are worth it. But then again, too much of a good thing might add on the extra pounds. After today’s lesson, you will be able to either order more fried foods or avoid more fried foods!

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 A: Ô Andreia, vamos fazer um lanchinho?
Hey Andreia, let’s have a little snack?
  B: Tá, mas nada de fritura, viu?
OK, but nothing fried, OK?
  A: Quer dizer que o quibe, esfirra, coxinha não são bons para a saúde!
You mean that quibe, esfirra, coxinha aren’t good for your health?
  B: Todo dia é a mesma coisa, salgadinho, fritura e refrigerante. É muito bom, mas não posso mais, cara.
Every day it is the same thing, salty treats, fried foods, and a soda. It´s really good, but I can’t do it anymore, man.
  A: Nem um pastelzinho de palmito, Andreia? Que isso! É um lanchinho.
Not even a heart of palm pastelzinho, Andreia? What’s going on! It’s just a little snack.
  B: Não, nada de fritura.
No, nothing fried.
  A: Tá bom, e pensando bem, podemos guardar essas calorias para um chopp bem gelado mais tarde.
OK, and thinking about it, we can save those calories for an ice cold beer this afternoon.
  B: Você me conhece muito bem!
You know me pretty well!


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  1. Sam

    In the dialogue, I can hear a baby crying in the background. I ran upstairs thinking it was my 2-year-old taking a nap. I got a good laugh.
    These lessons are invaluable, thank you guys!

    1. Orlando Kelm

      If not real, at least realistic! Wahoo!