Elementary 45: No Green Thumb From You

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How do you keep those houseplants alive? For some it is easy, for others there is no hope. Do you have a green thumb? And if so, and you talk about it in Portuguese? After today’s lesson you will be one step closer (at least in talking about it).

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 A: Marilene, você diz que adora plantas em casa, mas olha lá.
Marilene, you say that you love houseplants, but look there.
  B: Uai, você não acha que são lindas?
What, don’t you think they are pretty?
  A: Lindas? Querida, elas estão quase mortas.
Pretty? Dear, they are almost dead.
  B: Quem sabe elas precisam de mais luz.
Maybe they just need more light.
  A: O que elas precisam é de mais água.
What they need is more water.
  B: Pode ser, tem razão. Sou ruim como jardineira.
You might be right, I am a lousy gardener.


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  1. David

    Hi. In the last two editions of Língua da gente the dialogue in the lesson file is spoken by Daniela whereas the separate dialogue file features her parents. In previous editions both versions of the dialogue were the same. Some comments in the main lesson refer to Daniela’s parents version even though it is never heard so was this change unintentional?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Opps! Sorry, we need to fix that, we should have Daniela’s parents in the dialog!

  2. Mike M in AZ

    That “como” in “como jardineira” sure does get really swallowed