Elementary 65: Papai Coruja

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In English we talk about a “proud papa” and in Portuguese with call somebody a “papai coruja”. “Coruja” is the word for “owl” and isn’t that a beautiful way to describe somebody who looks like he is proud. In today’s lesson we learn how to talk about being excited for things.

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 A: Sabe o que eu não esperava dessa gravidez?
You know what I never expected from this pregnancy?
  B: Os pés inchados?
Swollen feet?
  A: Bom, isso também! Não, é o quanto o Eduardo ficou carinhoso.
Well, that too! No, it’s how endearing Eduardo has become.
  B: É, eu vi ele passando a mão na sua barriga, eu achei tão lindo.
Yes, I saw him rubbing his hand on your stomach, I thought it was beautiful.
  A: E ele fica conversando com o bebê o tempo todo.
And he keeps on talking to the baby all the time.
  B: Nossa, sabe que o Nelson era assim também, era tão legal.
Wow, you know that Nelson was the same way, it was so cool.
  A: Realmente é legal ver um homem que curta a gravidez tanto.
It’s really cool to see a man that enjoys the pregnancy so much.
  B: Papai coruja, né? E o bebê nem nasceu ainda!
Proud papa, you know? And the baby hasn’t even been born yet!

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