Elementary 42: Plucking Your Eyebrows

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What is this, some kind of torture! When it comes to waxing and plucking eyebrows, you women have an incredible threshold of pain. We admire that, and after this lesson, that admiration can be expressed in Portuguese.

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 A: Mulheres, vocês pagam mesmo alguém para depilar as sobrancelhas?
Women, do you really pay someone to pluck your eyebrows?
  B: Não eu mesma uso pinça, pago outros para fazer depilação de cera.
No, I pluck them myself, I pay someone to get them waxed.
  A: De cera, hein? Em mim, acho que doeria muito.
Waxed, huh? Sounds like that would be painful.
  B: Sei, as vezes traz lágrimas aos olhos.
I know, sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.
  A: Ainda bem que não sou mulher.
Glad I’m not a women.
  B: Concordo, você choraria como bebê.
Agreed, you’d cry like a baby.

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