Elementary 49: So, How’s The Soup?

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It’s OK to experiment with new recipes, but sometimes it’s better not to mess with a good thing. In today’s lesson we find out that the old soup recipe was just fine. Leave well enough alone. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And in this case we all gain in learning some more Portuguese.

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 A: A sopa está boa bem?
How is the soup dear?
  B: Está..., é, está mais ou menos... você fez alguma coisa diferente?
It’s, it’s OK…, did you do something different?
  A: Eu experimentei alguns ingredientes diferentes. Por quê? Ela não está boa?
I experimented with some new ingredients, why, isn’t it good?
  B: Bom, pra falar a verdade, gosto mais de como era antes.
Well, to tell you the truth, I like more how it was before.
  A: Sabe, eu confesso que eu também gostei mais da outra receita
You know, I confess that I liked the other recipe more too.
  B: Não tem problema, me passa o sal por favor.
No problem, pass me the salt please.

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