Elementary 43: Take Out The Trash

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Wow, that garbage can is starting to smell bad. Either we learn some Portuguese to talk about taking the trash out, or we take out the trash ourselves. Either way, this lesson has got to help us clear the air a bit.

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 A: Tem um cheiro estranho aqui, não é?
There is a strange smell here, right?
  B: Tem. Você tirou o lixo?
There is. Did you take out the trash?
  A: Quem sabe, devo tirar, deixei osso de galinha no lixo.
I probably should, there are chicken bones in the garbage.
  B: Marco, você deixou ele a noite inteira?
Marco, you left them there all night?
  A: Eu nem pensei nisso, esqueci.
I just didn’t think of it, I forgot.
  B: Bom, agora a casa inteira tem um cheiro horrível.
Well now the whole house has a terrible smell.


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  1. Otto

    Hi Guys,

    Was that a Chico Buarque song I heard you two singing?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Otto, I believe you were referring to a segment of our beginning lesson, “Do you like your job?” when we were singing a line from Chico Buarque’s song entitled “a banda”, right? Indeed, it is one of his most well-known, and one of the original that made him famous. Here’s a youtube link to A Banda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMI3KYXJSaY