Elementary 41: The Electric Bill Has Arrived

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Nobody likes to have to pay the bills, but when the amount is even more than usual, it is even more difficult to accept. In today’s lesson the electric bill is way too high. Find out whose fault that is.

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 A: A conta da eletricidade chegou, bem.
The electric bill has arrived, dear.
  B: Ah é, quanto foi?
Oh yeah, how much was it?
  A: Nossa, mas que coisa! 230 reais!
No way, Oh my gosh! 230 reais!
  B: De jeito nenhum! Por que é tanto assim?
No way! Why is it so much?
  A: Boa pergunta, o que é que você fez esse mês?
Good question, what did you do this month?
  B: Eu! Nada, não tenho a mínima ideia por que me cobrariam tanto assim.
Me! Nothing, I have no idea why they would charge me so much.

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