Elementary 47: The New Baby’s Keeping Me Up At Night

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Some of the most tender moments in life are when we get to hold a baby, especially in those quiet hours in the night when it is just you and the baby. But man, it’s exhausting to keep up that pace! Still, after today’s lesson, we’ll be able to talk about those moments in Portuguese too.

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 A: Mãe, porquê que você nunca me falou o quanto exaustivo é ter bebê em casa?
Mom, why didn’t you ever tell me how exhausting it is to have a baby in the house?
  B: Isso passa filha, com os anos a gente nem se lembra mais.
This will pass daughter, as the years go on we don’t even remember it.
  A: A Aina precisa mamar a cada três horas!
Aina needs to nurse every three hours!
  B: Olha, aquelas horas aconchegadas com a criança assim, são preciosas.
You know, those hours snuggled up to a baby are precious.
  A: Eu sei, mas eu estou exausta, eu não aguento mais.
I know I’m just exhausted, I can’t take it anymore.
  B: Prometo filha, algum dia você vai sentir falta desses momentos.
I promise you child, some day you will miss those moments.

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