Elementary 33: They Broke Up Last Week

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Oh, Oh! Looks like Daniela and Marcos broke up, but nobody told Elisângela about it. Oops, of course she didn’t mean anything by her comments, but it would have been nice if someone had told her what was going ton. At least in your case, you will learn how to deal with this type of situation in Portuguese.

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 A: Oi Daniela, por quê o Marcos não veio com você?
Hi Daniela, why didn’t Marcos come with you?
  B: Eu, me dá licença, eu vou pro banheiro.
I, excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom.
  C: Por quê você perguntou isso, mulher? Eles terminaram na semana passada.
Why did you ask her that, girl? They broke up last week.
  A: Nossa, eu não sabia, ninguém me falou nada.
Wow, I didn’t know, nobody told me.
  C: Você viu, ela tava quase chorando!
Did you see, she was almost crying.
  A: Mas foi realmente sem querer. Realmente, eu não sabia de nada.
But it really was by accident. Really, I didn’t know anything.


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  1. Joe wants to learn P

    Can you do “sem querer” for say a car accident like we do in English?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hey Joe, OK, “sem querer” is used just like the English “by accident” meaning that something was not done on purpose. Any other ‘accident’, like a car accident, would be “acidente” as in “acidente de carro.”