Elementary 39: This Lasagna Is Fantastic

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No doubt, our lessons are about Portuguese, but how can somebody resist good Italian food? And where do you find some of the world’s best Italian food? In São Paulo, Brazil of course. Enjoy a large serving of lasagna and enjoy the lesson about food.

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 A: Essa lasanha está fantástica, o que é que você coloca nela?
This lasagna is fantastic, what did you put in it?
  B: Sabe, eu acho que o segredo está na mussarela ralada.
You know, I think that the secret is in the grated mozzarella.
  A: Ahh, muito bem, mas tem outros queijos também, não é?
Ahh, really nice, but it has other cheeses in it too, right?
  B: Tem, tem queijo parmesão e requeijão.
There are, there is parmesan cheese and requeijão.
  A: Também gosto desses pedaços de presunto.
I also like these pieces of ham.
  B: Sei, bem picadinhos, não é? que vai bem com o molho de tomate.
I know, chopped up fine, right? that go well with the tomato sauce.


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  1. Carlos Cheu

    I can’t find the lesson where “essa” and “esta” was discussed and differentiated.
    One is used for not movable objets vs the other one for movable objets. Can you remind me what is used in each case?
    Thank you!

    BTW, your podcasts and lessons are great.

  2. Max

    I was sooo curious about requeijão that I spent weeks looking for it.
    And guess what, it tastes exactly like what I already had in my fridge: a spreadlike cheese called “la vache qui rit”

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Good comparison. I believe the taste is similar to vache que rit, but the texture of requeijão is runnier. If you tipped the jar of requeijão, the contents would run out, kind of like honey. But in terms of taste, I believe you have this down, nice job.