Elementary 24: What A Terrible Smell

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Poor old João, he’s been playing ball, comes home all sweating and hot. Should we give the guy a few minutes to cool down or should we tell him to go jump in the showers? He smells terrible, and it’s a good thing that in this lesson we can tell people to go take a bath in Portuguese.

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 A: Que cheiro terrível, que que isso?
What a terrible smell, what is that?
  B: Desculpe, sou eu. Eu estava jogando bola.
Sorry, it’s me. I was playing ball.
  A: É você João? Bom, vai tomar banho rapaz, vai.
It’s you João? Well, go take a bath man, go.
  B: Tá, eu já vou.
OK, I’m going.
  A: Vai já já, porque esse fedor está demais.
Go right now, because this stench is too much.
  B: Sei, eu só queria esperar uns minutinhos antes.
I know, I just wanted to wait a few minutes first.


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  1. Bret

    Hi Orlando,

    Just a technical note for now:

    there seems to be something wrong with the way in which you’re uploading the podcasts to iTunes. For some reason in my podcast app on my iPhone (I mostly use iCatcher) just the file for the Dialogue audio is showing up rather than the Lesson audio.

    This isn’t the case with all of episodes though. Seems like it started with the 3/25 episode – I Just Love To Travel – and occurs through to the 6/9 episode – Have You Quite Smoking?

    The most recent episode – Turn Right At The Third Door – is fine and I’m able to download (or stream) the full Lesson audio.

    Sorry to bother you with the technical stuff here but these podcasts are a huge help, especially when using them with an app like iCatcher which has really great, advanced features that help immensely with the learning process. And also makes easier to use while at the gym!

    Anyway, will have more interesting grammatical and pronunciation questions from here on in.


    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Bret, you are correct and every time we think we’ve got it corrected, we find out that the problem persists. Looks like we need to go back and figure it out once again. Be patient with us and we’ll tackle that issue again. In the meantime, thanks as always for using our materials. We’ve got a number of new lessons that we are working on right now.

  2. Thad Kawecki

    Professor Kelm,
    Ah…The last line has querer defaulting to the imperfect again, right?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Exactly, if someone were to say, “só quis esperar uns minutinhos antes” you would have to create some weird background scenario of something he wanted but no longer wanted…” It’s way simpler to go with “só queria” (I just wanted).

      1. Thad Kawecki

        It’s really great when the lightbulb flashes. Thanks again for explaining this in a previous lesson.

  3. Madhuri

    Hi Orlando,
    to express the idea of cooling down, could you say “Só queria deixar o corpo esfriar um pouquinho antes” or does that sound like a serial killer?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Sure, feel free to use “esfriar” or simply “relaxar.” Keep at it!