Elementary 58: What Is The Best Ice Cream?

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Ice cream is already one of life’s great pleasures, and this is even more the case in a place where tropical fruits give us even more new flavor options. So let’s talk about ice cream, your favorite flavors, your favorite places to buy it, and who to share it with.

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 A: Qual o melhor sabor de sorvete?
What’s the best ice cream flavor?
  B: Pra mim é fácil, adoro banana caramelada, ou canela, ou chocolate branco com amêndoas, ou milho verde...
For me that’s easy, I love caramelized banana, our cinnamon, or white chocolate with almonds, or sweet corn….
  A: Quer dizer que não é tão fácil dizer, né?
That is to say, not so easy, huh?
  B: ou arroz doce ou brigadeiro...
or sweet rice or brigadeiro...
  A: Todos eles são bons, mas agora já prefiro o sorbet, juntando o doce do açúcar com a acidez da fruta.
They are all good, but lately I prefer sorbet, combining the sweetness of the sugar with the acidity of the fruit.
  B: ou chocolate com damasco e nozes...
or chocolate with apricots and nuts…
  A: Você já esteve naquela nova sorveteria no Shopping Leblon?
Have you been to that new ice cream store in the Leblon mall?
  B: Ainda não, vamo-lá?.
Not yet, should we go?
  A: Vamos.
Let’s go.

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