Elementary 23: What Kind Of Steak Do You Like?

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Brazilian churrasco (barbecue) is world famous, especially among the beef lovers of the world. Probably two of the major features include the use of sea salt in the flavoring and the unique cuts of meat, including the well-known picanha. In today’s lesson however, we find out that picanha isn’t everyone’s favorite cut of meat.

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 A: Você gosta mais de picanha ou alcatra?
Do you like more picanha or alcatra?
  B: Pessoalmente eu prefiro alcatra.
Personally I prefer alcatra
  A: Ah é, acho que a grande maioria diria que gosta mais de picanha.
Really, I believe that most people would say that they like picanha more.
  B: Pois é, eu tenho um gosto bem peculiar, não é?
Oh well, I have pretty peculiar tastes, right?
  A: Sem dúvida. E que outros cortes você gosta?
No doubt. And what other cuts do you like?
  B: Pra mim, bom, com a fraldinha não tem erro.
For me, well, with a fraldinha you can’t go wrong.

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