Elementary 02: Which Bus Should I Take?

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Large cities in Brazil have thousands of public buses, all of them with
complicated routes, hundreds of bus stops, and tons of different schedules. In this lesson we learn how to ask what streets a bus will go down, super practical information to for those who will be traveling in Brazil.

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 A: Com licença, esse vai pela Morato?
Excuse me, does this one go down Morato?
  B: Não, esse vai pela Avenida Vital Brasil, até o Instituto Butantã.
No, this one goes down Avenida Vital Brasil, until the Butantã Institute
  A: Tá. Você sabe qual que eu devia pegar?
OK. Do you know which one I should take?
  B: Pela Francisco Morato? Pode pegar o 702C. Ele passa aqui mesmo nessa parada.
Along Francisco Morato? You can take the 702C. It stops right here at this bus stop.
  A: Tá bom, obrigado
OK, good, thanks.


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  1. Darthur

    would it be more common to leave out the “ele” in “Ele passa aqui mesmo nessa parada.’?
    Really enjoy the new lessons. I’m thinking about taking the bus from GIG airport to Ipanema on Thursday. tchau tchau

  2. Orlando Kelm

    Hi Darthur,
    Although technically optional, Brazilians do include the subject pronouns when speaking. That is, as compared to Spanish, you hear the pronouns a lot more. So rather than leave it out, it sounds fine included.

  3. Cory

    Thanks for the podcast. I’ve enjoyed listening.

    One problem I noticed about this episode. The cultural discussion after the last repetition of the dialogue is actually the cultural discussion for the next episode “You can’t keep working like this.” They both are the same audio about how Brazilians go out to lunch instead of staying at their desks at work.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Thanks Cory, We have identified the problem and will be uploading the corrected ending soon. Good catch!

  4. Otto van Emden

    Very enjoyable podcast !

    Little thingy I noticed about this episode. The audio uploaded are both the same, where it just should have been the dialogue in “Dialog audio”.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Thanks Otto, yes, we’ve been trying to fix that little problem, and hope to get it taken care of soon. Thanks for hanging out with us.

  5. Donald

    Is it common in Brasil to say a number like 702 as seven hundred and two setecentos e dois rather than seven (sete) zero (zero) two (dois)?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Indeed, sete – zero – dois would be the best way to say bus 702.

  6. Nele

    Hello Andrea and Orlando,

    The dialog-only file seems to be missing for this episode

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Thanks, you are correct. We’ll try to get that adjusted soon!