Elementary 46: Would You Ever Do Plastic Surgery?

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When it comes to plastic surgery, the joke is that there are no ugly women, just poor husbands. Of course plastic surgery is not the solution to all beauty issues, and in today’s lesson Marco does a good job of reassuring his wife that she is beautiful. After today’s lesson you will be able to do the same, with or without plastic surgery.

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 A: Eu acho que não faria uma cirurgia plástica, mas se fizesse, que parte mudaria?
I’m not saying I would do plastic surgery, but if I did, what part should I change?
  B: Mas que pergunta é essa! Porquê você pergunta isso?
What kind of question is that! Why would you ask that?
  A: São essas rugas no rosto, são bem feias, viu?
It’s these wrinkles in my face, they are so ugly, you know?
  B: Mas quem faz a cirurgia plástica acaba parecendo super artificial.
But those that have plastic surgery end up looing really fake.
  A: Mesmo assim, é duro aceitar essa rugas.
Still, it’s hard to accept these wrinkles.
  B: Querida, há uma beleza que só vem com o passar do tempo, você está linda.
Dear, there is beauty that only comes with the years, you are beautiful.


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  1. DaveZ

    So many great things here thanks, but my question is with “acaba parecendo”. I thought the gerund conjugation was only used with estar. But I get that if they said “esta parecendo” it wouldn’t have the same meaning as ended up.
    Can we use the verb acabar with gerund conjunction with other things too? Seems like a good hack.
    You ended up sleeping= você acabava dormindo.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Indeed, you have caught on to one of the great secrets of ‘ing’. There are lots of great verbs that add flavor: vem falando, vai falando, continua falando, segue falando, anda falando, acaba falando. Notice that all of these add motion, movement, and an extra boom!