Beginning 02: Greetings

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Let’s see how Paulo is doing. Because when he is doing fine, we all feel better. In this lesson we learn how to ask people how they are doing. Even better, we learn how to respond to that question too.

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 A: Tudo bem Paulo?
How are you doing Paulo?
  B: Tudo, e você?
Fine, and you?
  A: Também, melhor agora, né?
Me too, better now, right?
  B: Que ótimo.
How nice.


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  1. Ayana

    Muito Bem! I found this very helpful, especially when broken down phrase by phrase. Obregada!

  2. Arwa

    Is only me or is everyone listening with a big smile on their face 🙂

    1. Orlando Kelm

      And you should see us in studio some time, I can guarantee that we are having a great time!

  3. Chanel

    I’m going to Brazil to see my husband’s family for the first time, I’m counting on you guys!!

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Make sure you take a little gift! Boa sorte!

      1. Chanel

        Actually that’s one thing that I have been thinking all the time..,.Which kind of gifts that will make them happy?

        1. Orlando Kelm

          Gifts when traveling… Since I live in Texas, it is easy. I go to the Texas Museum and buy a bunch of Texas-themed items: Texas bandanas, Texas maps, mini branding irons, Texas flags, Texas placemats, etc. For those who do not live in Texas, first of all I’m sorry for you (haha) but hopefully you can find something that also represents the region where you live. Regional gifts seem to hit that sweet spot where they are unique, light weight, not super expensive, and easy to carry in luggage. It also means that I can avoid the traditional t-shirt and mug, which I find less appealing in the “unique” category.
          For those in USA, we Americans have a positive vibe to our pride for our nation, state, and city.

          PS My wife sometimes travels with small jars of peanut butter. First, it is surprisingly just an American food. Second, if she runs across Mormon missionaries on the street, she knows that they are missing the good old American standby, peanut butter.

          1. CHanelhanel

            Hahaha thanks Orlando. now I have plenty of Chinese delis that I can bring to my Brazilian in laws -also I wonder why my hubby doesn’t like Peanut butter much ( guess he just didn’t grow up eating it)

  4. Chloe Hammonds

    This was a wonderful explanation, I really enjoyed listening to this lesson.