Intermediate 10: Have you purchased tickets to the Olympics?

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So the Olympics are coming, but now we need to purchase tickets. Which events would you like to see most? Let’s just hope that they aren’t too difficult to come by. At least after this lesson we’ll have the Portuguese ability to talk about our tickets.

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 A: Você já comprou ingressos para as olimpíadas?
Have you purchased tickets to the Olympics?
  B: Já, o ciclismo de pista, levantamento de pesos e vôlei de praia.
I have, road cycling, weight lifting and beach volleyball.
  A: Por quê você não comprou ingressos para o basquete?
Why didn’t you get tickets for basketball?
  B: Adoro basquete, mas é muito difícil e muito caro conseguir os ingressos.
I love basketball, but it’s really difficult and really expensive to get tickets.

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