Beginning 67: How was your weekend?

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Asking a friend how his or her weekend was is much more than just a question. It’s a way of showing them that you care and that you are interested in them as people, more than just a colleague at work. In today’s lesson we find out that even staying home for the weekend is nice, and it’s nice to know that your friend asks about you too.

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 A: Olá Roseli, como foi o final de semana?
Hi Roseli, how was your weekend?
  B: Foi bom, a gente ficou em casa e finalmente deu pra descansar um pouco. E você?
It was good, we stayed home and we were finally able to rest a bit. How about you?
  A: Bem, a gente foi pra praia, mas como choveu, a gente acabou ficando em casa.
Well, we went to the beach, but since it was raining, we ended up staying at home.
  B: Mas pelo menos deu pra sair um pouco, não é?
At least you were able to get out a little bit, right?


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  1. Arthur

    Hi Orlando,

    In the third line of the dialog, it sure sounds like Andriana is pronouncing “pra praia” as “pa praia”. Am I hearing this right? Is this done in order to avoid two consecutive “pr” sounds?


    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Arthur, Indeed you are correct, often the word “para” reduces to just ‘pra’ or simply ‘pa.’ As to avoiding the double prpr, chances are that isn’t as much of a factor as just regular reduction pattern. Way to go for hearing that one correctly.