Intermediate 15: How Do I Know What A 10 Looks Like!

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Let’s be honest, they say that dive was a 9.6 or a 9.7, but didn’t they all look the same to the untrained eye? After a few days of watching Olympics we start to think that we really do see a difference. Either way, now we can talk about those points in Portuguese.

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 A: Olha, eu tentei, mas todos esses saltos parecem iguais.
Look, I tried, but all of these dives look the same.
  B: Não é verdade! Olha como ele entrou na agua, perpendicular, tudo alinhado acima da cabeça, e quase nem espirrou agua na entrada.
That’s not true, look how he entered the water, perpendicular, everything lined up above his head, and almost no spray when entering the water.
  A: Você só disse isso porque o locutor na televisão disse a mesma coisa.
You just said that because the television announcer said the same thing.
  B: Não, quando era jovem participava muito nos saltos ornamentais.
No, when I was young I participated in a lot of diving competitions.
  A: Sério? Você gostava mais da plataforma ou do trampolim?
Really? Did you like more the platform or the diving board?
  B: Gostava mais do trampolim de 3 metros, eu nunca executava bem os saltos da plataforma.
I liked more the 3 meter diving board, I was never any good at the dives from the platform.


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  1. Joe wants to learn P

    This is favorite lesson of the Olympic series so far. Thank you for introducing these verbs I’ve never used. I also want to say I love it when Thais explains in Portuguese & Orlando sums it up in English. It reminds my of good ole Conversa brasilera. Please tell her she dos a good job. Well think im going I’ll listen to this again now

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hey Joe44, I know, I totally get it because the give and take was a delight to record. And you are right, it reminds me of the good old Conversa Brasileira days!

  2. Steve

    I really enjoyed this! What’s the difference between trampolim and cama elástica?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Gosh, the more I think about it, the more I’m not sure of the difference. I’ll ask around and get back to you soon.

    2. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Steve, Fun question, and I’ve been asking all over to get people’s opinions. Here are a few that talk about trampolim vs. cama elástica as they discuss this on our Brazilpod facebook page.