Intermediate 18: Our Olympic Dream

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Living the Olympic dream! If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you like to compete in? Bring it on, and bring it on in Portuguese.

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 A: Se você pudesse ser atleta nas olimpíadas, em que esporte seria?
If you could be an athlete in the Olympics, what sport would it be?
  B: Bom, já que estamos sonhando com o impossível, acho que seria o atletismo.
Well, if we are dreaming about the impossible, I think it would be running track.
  A: Sério? E em quais provas você entraria?
Really? What events would you like to enter into?
  B: Pra mim seria muito legal correr na 100m rasos ou talvez revezamento 4x100m.
For me it would be cool to run in the 100 meters or the 4x100 relay.
  A: Concordo, e se a gente corresse juntas eu poderia passar o bastão pra você.
Agreed, if we ran together, I could pass the baton on to you.
  B: Claro. E juntas poderíamos subir a rampa e cantar o hino nacional!
Of course. And we could climb on the podium and sing the National Anthem.

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