Intermediate 14: The Swimmer Was Disqualified

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How sad would it be to train for years and years, and then be disqualified for a false start. That’s part of the Olympic drama and part of the lesson for today.

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 A: Nossa! Como eu adoro assistir a natação, todos esses estilos são fantásticos.
Wow! I just love watching swimming, all those styles are fantastic.
  B: Também acho. E que estilo você mais gosta?
Me too. What style do you like most?
  A: Bom, o borboleta é legal, mas o livre é o mais rápido e o mais emocionante.
Well, the butterfly is cool, but freestyle crawl is the fastest and the most exciting.
  B: Você viu aquele cara da Alemanha que queimou no bloco de partida?
Did you see that guy from Germany who was penalized at the beginning of the starting block?
  A: Vi. Realmente, como seria triste ser desclassificado depois de tantos anos e tantas horas de treino.
I did. Really, how sad is it to be disqualified after so many years and so many hours of training.
  B: E dizem que era o favorito pra ganhar na de 200 metros.
And they say that he was favored to win in the 200 meters.
  A: Pois é, mas com toda certeza mais alguém vai quebrar o recorde.
Yeah, but surely someone else is going to break the record.

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