Intermediate 16: What Could Be Cooler Than Rowing In Rio!

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Sweeping, sculling, really, how does one figure out all of these rowing options? The truth is that it is fun to watch, even if you don’t get all the details. So gather the crew and the coxswain and learn how to talk about rowing in Portuguese.

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 A: Ô, vem cá, me explica uma coisa. O que é esse tal de barcos de palamenta dupla e palamenta simples?
Hey, come here a sec, tell me something. What is all this about sculling and sweeping?
  B: Tá, é fácil. No remo, cada atleta ou utiliza dois remos, que é palamenta dupla, ou um remo só, palamenta simples.
OK, it’s easy. In rowing, each athlete either uses two oars, called sculling, or one oar, sweeping.
  A: E qual você gosta mais?
And which one do you like most?
  B: Eu sempre gostei mais do ritmo das remadas com uma tripulação de oito pessoas.
I have always liked the rowing rhythm with crews of 8 people.
  A: E essa é com palamenta dupla ou simples?
And is that sculling or sweeping?
  B: Essa é a simples, 8 companheiros de tripulação mais o timoneiro.
That is sweeping, 8 members of the crew and the coxswain.

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