Intermediate 12: Wow, Those Gymnasts Are Amazing!

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How can those athletes combine such grace and strength, it’s amazing. After today’s lesson we will be able to use Portuguese to describe such moves in gymnastics.

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 A: Não! Não acredito! Você viu o equilíbrio e flexibilidade dela?
No way! I can’t believe it! Did you see her balance and flexibility?
  B: Realmente, essas ginastas nas barras assimétricas são incríveis.
Really, these gymnasts on the uneven bars are incredible.
  A: Concordo. Elas não são muito altas, mas as piruetas requerem uma força impressionante.
I agree. They aren’t very tall, but their moves require impressive strength.
  B: O que você gosta mais, o tablado para solo ou a barra de equilíbrio?
What do you like more, the floor exercises or the balance beam?
  A: Os dois são bons, mas eu prefiro ver a mesa de salto.
Both are good, but I actually prefer the vault.
  B: Também, o pulo daquele trampolim é demais.
Me too, the jump from that trampoline is too much.


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  1. Arthur Elliott

    The dialog in the file linguadagente-int12-dialog.mp3 is different from the the dialog in the file linguadagente-int12-lesson.mp3.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      wow, thanks for catching that, we’ll get that changed as fast as we can.