Elementary 68: The bed is uncomfortable

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We spend so much of our life in bed, it really shows that getting the right bed is probably a big deal. But what do you do when the bed is uncomfortable. It may be that buying another one will change things, or maybe not. It’s such a hard decision, but at least we’ll give you the language necessary to make that decision in Portuguese.

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 A: Ai, sabe, eu nunca gostei dessa cama, as vezes parece dura demais, e as vezes parece mole demais.
Ay, you know, I never liked this bed, sometimes it seems too hard, and sometimes it seems too soft.
  B: Por quê você não compra outra?
Why don’t you buy another one?
  A: Ah, essa saiu tão cara, e quem sabe se eu comprar uma nova vai ser igual.
Oh, this one was so expensive, and who knows if I buy a new one that it won’t be the same.
  B: Eu sei, fazer o que, né?
I know, what can you do, you know?
  A: É, as vezes eu acordo com dor nas costas, e outras vezes com dor no pescoço.
Yeah, sometimes I wake up with a sore back, other times with a sore neck.
  B: Será que não é o caso de trocar de travesseiro.
Maybe it’s a matter of changing your pillow.
  A: Já troquei, mas sabe, é a cama mesmo.
I already did change, you know, it really is the bed.

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