Elementary 73: The Tire Looks A Little Low

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It’s so easy to ignore the warning lights that go off, but in this case the tire looks a little low too. It’s a good thing that friends can help out, check the tires and even take things in to a mechanic if needed. And if you ever need to make that request in Portuguese, today’s lesson’s got you covered.

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 A: O Carlos, você pode dar uma olhada no pneu do carro pra mim.
Carlos, can you check the tire on my car for me.
  B: Por que, tem algum problema?
Why, is there a problem?
  A: Sim, é que a luz do painel aqui está acesa, deve estar muito baixo.
The light on the dashboard came on, it must be low.
  B: É verdade, este aqui está um pouco murcho, eu levo ele para encher, me dá a chave do carro.
You are right, this one’s a little low, I’ll go get it filled, give me your car keys.
  A: Peraí, olha aqui tem um prego aqui dentro.
Wait a sec, look there’s a nail here.
  B: Droga, então, quer dizer que eu vou ter que levar o carro lá pra borracharia.
Dang it, I guess I’ll have to take the car to a tire store.
  A: Se você vai na borracharia, vai na borracharia do Ronaldo, ele sempre faz um bom trabalho e sempre tem liquidação de pneus também.
If you are going to take it to a tire store, take it to Ronaldo’s, he always does a good job and he always has a sale on tires too.
  B: Bom, essa é a verdade, mas de qualquer forma, você me empresta seu cartão.
OK, that’s true, either way, lend me your credit card.


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  1. Alfred Schaufelberge

    Dear Língua da Gente Team

    Elementary 73 could do with some editing:

    English translation of the first sentence missing; therefore for the rest of the lesson Portuguese/English grouped the wrong way.

    “… come on” : “… came on”
    “… there a nail here” : ” … there’s a nail here”
    ” … e qualquer forma” : “… de qualquer forma”

    Thanks for the weekly lesson (“It must be Tuesday again!”) and best regards.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Thanks, changes have been made…

  2. Thad

    Fun lesson, but thought you might want to know that the Portuguese/English translation alighment of the printed dialogue is out of sync.
    Don’t forget the English word ‘pneumatic’–which might be a good way to remember the portuguese ‘pneu’
    Thanks very much for all these lessons.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Weird, we’ll take a look at get things lined up. It’s it fun to make new connections, now pneumatic gives you a mental tie to remember ‘pneu’!!!!