Beginning 66: Small talk III – It’s raining

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What’s more frustrating than to have the weather be beautiful all week, and then on the weekend, precisely when you have time to get outside, it decides to rain! Well, at least in the dialog we find out that it isn’t very cold outside. But really, gente, when is this rain going to stop!

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 A: Gente, mas quando é que essa chuva vai parar!
Man, but when is this rain going to stop!
  B: Olha, dizem que vai continuar até sábado.
Well, they say it is going to continue until Saturday.
  A: Pelo menos não está fazendo frio, né?
At least it isn’t too cold, you know?
  B: Concordo, mas sabe, prefiro não ter que andar com casaco e jaqueta.
I agree, but you know, I’d prefer to not have to walk around with a coat and a jacket.


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  1. Adam

    Hi! Are your new língua da gente lessons no longer available through iTunes podcasts? The last one I can see is ‘Mara’s New blog entry’ dated 20th June 2018.
    The dialogues also don’t appear on the new look podcasts.
    I love your channel!

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Adam,
      You are correct, we have a large number of lessons that we have already released. For the time being we encourage learners to take advantage of the existing lessons. Perhaps some day down the road we’ll create new lessons again, but for now we plan on using those that we have. Here’s the URL to our Língua de Gente homepage: