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Beginning 51: WhatsApp or Facebook?
Every time you turn around there is a new way to socialize with others. When it comes to chatting with friends, do you prefer WhatsApp or Facebook? That’s the topic we tackle in today’s lesson.
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Intermediate 22: My Brother Is Getting Married
So how weird is it when your brother or sister gets married? I mean really, you’ve seen your brother as the little kid who tags along, and now somebody loves him enough to spend her life with him! Yep, that’s today’s lesson, and fortunately, everybody loves the new sister-in-law.
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Intermediate 21: Auto-Correction In Multiple Languages
Sure, it’s convenient to be able to write in multiple languages, but sometimes the auto-correct messes you up too. No problem, in today’s lesson we talk about how to set up your phone to type in either English or Portuguese.
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Intermediate 20: I’m Not Into Politics, But…
No doubt, the current political scene in Brazil is going through a difficult period. Still, we should be able to talk about it without being mean and ugly. That is how our people see it, and that is how our lesson flows today. Ah, if everyone could approach it this way!
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Intermediate 19: Remove Those Facebook Photos
Go ahead, say that you hate Facebook, but then be honest, how many times do you check it each day? Check up on old friends, find out whose birthday it is, post photos of yesterday’s party. In this lesson Andreia really didn’t want those pictures to go public. Too late, and everyone “likes” them a lot.
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Intermediate 08: Food In Bahia Is Awesome
Bahia, if food doesn’t come to mind as the very first thing, chances are that it’s the still one of the top associations. Vatapá, caruru, moqueca, it just seems that the never-ending list of great foods just sparkle with a Bahia shine. In today’s lesson we focus on the food that perhaps most we most associate with Bahia: Acarajé. Listen to Andreia and Antonio tell us how acarajé is made.
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Elementary 50: I Caught A Really Bad Cold
There is never a good time to have a cold. But why does it feel that each cold is the worst one ever. We feel bad for you, and we hope you get the rest and medicine that you need. It may be of small consolation, but at least you can talk about your cold in Portuguese now, if you want to.
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Beginning 50: It’s Late, I’m Worried
Parents, gotta love them. They worry about their kids, especially when the kids arrive home late at night. Well, don’t worry, because if you worry, we’ll give you the words to do so in Portuguese.
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Elementary 49: So, How’s The Soup?
It’s OK to experiment with new recipes, but sometimes it’s better not to mess with a good thing. In today’s lesson we find out that the old soup recipe was just fine. Leave well enough alone. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And in this case we all gain in learning some more Portuguese.
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Beginning 49: Grandma’s Fruit Preserves
Lots of us have great memories of watching grandma making jams and preserves. Picking the fruits, adding the sugar, putting it in jars, ahh the good old days with granny. In today’s lesson we reminisce about all of this and how great it was to have grandma around!
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