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Elementary 46: Would You Ever Do Plastic Surgery?
When it comes to plastic surgery, the joke is that there are no ugly women, just poor husbands. Of course plastic surgery is not the solution to all beauty issues, and in today’s lesson Marco does a good job of reassuring his wife that she is beautiful. After today’s lesson you will be able to do the same, with or without plastic surgery.
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Beginning 46: The Grandchildren Are Afraid Of Clowns
There is no question that grandparents love to be with the grandchildren. The hard part is choosing the activities that the kiddos enjoy. In today’s lesson that activity is not the circus, but after this lesson you will have the Portuguese to talk about other possible ways to entertain the grandchildren.
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Elementary 45: No Green Thumb From You
How do you keep those houseplants alive? For some it is easy, for others there is no hope. Do you have a green thumb? And if so, and you talk about it in Portuguese? After today’s lesson you will be one step closer (at least in talking about it).
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Beginning 45: Can’t Find The Remote, Again
We all know that we need this lesson. Who hasn’t lost the remote? All remote just seem to disappear, and the same is true in Brazil. We can’t guarantee that it will be any easier to find the remote, but after this lesson you will at least be able to ask for it in Portuguese.
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Elementary 44: Empire State Building, I Love It!
More and more Brazilians are traveling abroad, and what an exciting thing it is to see. In today’s lesson our Brazilians are in New York City, and look how fun it is to see the Empire State Building. Of course, we will want to be able to talk about all of this in Portuguese.
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Beginning 44: Here kitty, kitty, kitty
We know that people love their pets, and we love ours too. But really, if the only thing that people like about you more than their pet is that you don’t shed hair all over, well that’s not much of a complement. Still, it sounds better in Portuguese.
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Elementary 43: Take Out The Trash
Wow, that garbage can is starting to smell bad. Either we learn some Portuguese to talk about taking the trash out, or we take out the trash ourselves. Either way, this lesson has got to help us clear the air a bit.
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Beginning 43: Do You Like Your Job?
You love your job, but it’s your boss who makes things difficult, right? Hey, we feel your pain, and after this lesson, we’ll be able to feel your pain, and talk about it, in Portuguese.
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Elementary 42: Plucking Your Eyebrows
What is this, some kind of torture! When it comes to waxing and plucking eyebrows, you women have an incredible threshold of pain. We admire that, and after this lesson, that admiration can be expressed in Portuguese.
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Beginning 42: Can You Buy A Little Milk?
Don’t you hate it when you run out of milk! How can one be expected to eat cereal for breakfast when there is no milk. Oops, let’s take that back. Brazilians don’t eat cold cereal for breakfast. Still, if someone is going to the store, let’s learn how to ask them to pick up some milk.
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