Slice of Life 34: Bike Ride

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In terms of life’s enjoyable activities, riding a bike seems to be on top of that list. Some ride bikes for fun, others ride bikes to get to school and to work. Some buy fancy clothes and equipment, some just hop on. Little kids learn how to ride bikes, and adults love to ride bikes. It only seems fitting that we have an episode to honor those who ride bikes.

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Bagel* – pão denso em formato de anel muito consumido nos Estados Unidos. O bagel chegou aos EUA através dos imigrantes judeus poloneses no final do século XIX e hoje é um dos símbolos da gastronomia nova-iorquina.
 A: Do you want to go on a bike ride on the boardwalk today?
Quer andar de bicicleta no calçadão hoje?
  B: Sure. The weather is really nice.
Quero. O dia tá lindo!
  A: I even got ten dollars from mom to buy iced tea.
E mamãe ainda deu dez dólares para comprar chá gelado.
  B: Hey, if iced tea only costs a buck, maybe we could get a bagel too.
Aqui: se o chá gelado for só um dólar, ainda dá pra comprar um bagel*.
  A: Ooh and we can drink it on the bench overlooking the ocean.
Humm, e a gente pode tomar o chá no banquinho de frente pro mar.
  B: That sounds great! I can’t wait to go. Just let me get changed.
Ótimo! Vamos logo! Deixa só eu trocar de roupa.
  A: And I’ll put my shoes on. And sunscreen, of course.
Vou calçar o sapato. E botar filtro solar, claro.
  B: I’m just gonna drink some water before we go.
Deixa só eu tomar uma água antes da gente sair.

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