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Slice of Life 13: 10 Items or Less
We all know that the challenge in shopping is to get out without having to wait in a long line. You could use the express lane, but not if you have too many items. In today’s lesson we learn that it might be easier to scan the items and pay with your app. Nice!
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Slice of Life 12: AP Test, It’s Coming Up Soon
An AP test is a test that high school students can take to earn college credit. These tests are usually very difficult, so only a small percent of the students earn the highest mark, a 5. Students spend all year preparing to take this test. In today’s episode, Marina and Ana Clara are getting ready for another round of AP tests.
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Slice of Life 11: Binge Watching, Life’s Great Entertainments
You can watch a show on TV and then wait a week for the next episode. Or, you can wait and watch all of the episodes one after another. Binge watching isn’t a waste of time, it’s the best way to really get into the story. In today’s episode we not only love to binge watch, but we love the snacks and ice cream that go with it all too.
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Slice of Life 10: What’s for Dinner?
Dinner is a time when the whole family meets up at the table to eat food after a long day. Sometimes, this is the first time that all family members even see each other that day. It’s a great time to share stories about the day. In today’s episode the big decision is whether to have pasta or chicken.
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Slice of Life 09: People Watching in the Park
A sunny afternoon, a park bench, and a chance to watch people who walk on by. It’s one of the best ways to hang out with friends. In today’s episode we enjoy a whole lot of people watching in the park. But look out, people may be talking about you too!
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Slice of Life 08: Modern Art and Bananas
There are various art movements, all of which are taught in American schools. Art education is taken seriously in schools, and students become familiar with famous artists from different times and stylistic periods. Students are left to form their own opinion on famous pieces and movements of art. They use these opinions to inspire art of their own.
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Slice of Life 07: Minecraft, Let’s Build a Universe
Chances are that if you know any seven or eight-year-olds, they are 100% into Minecraft. In this lesson Adam has just had a birthday and has spent the whole day playing with Minecraft. Find out what happens when hot lava starts to burn down his house.
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Slice of Life 06: Snack Time, Fruit or Something Fun
There are many different kinds of snacks that can be found in the United States. They range from salty to sweet to fruity. These snacks are enjoyed by everyone (especially kids and teens), and can be found in almost every American home. In today’s episode we have to decide, healthy snack or a snack just for fun?
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Slice of Life 05: Why Can’t Men Put Down the Toilet Seat?
I wish we could defend the men, but it seems to be a pretty universal complaint. Men don’t put the toilet seat down. Although we don’t have a solution to the problem, at least we appreciate Sophia’s frustration in today’s dialog. Come on guys, help them out, will you?
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Slice of Life 04: I Need To Do My Homework
Doing homework with your siblings around can be difficult. Everyone has different tasks and priorities. Sometimes different assignments coincide, making it difficult to get any work done on both ends! When concentrating becomes impossible, tensions rise, but in the end things work out, as they do in today’s episode.
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