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Recent posts

Slice of Life 25: Why I Love Football
We don’t have to get into the whole argument about soccer versus football, they are both pretty cool. However, in this episode we get to talk about something near and dear to all of our hearts, why we love American football. Great ready for a vocabulary challenge!
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Slice of Life 24: Driving Lesson
Americans may start applying for their learner’s permit when they are15 year old, after completing a course, either online or in a class. After obtaining their permit, student drivers are typically taught the rules of the road by their parents. Once a student driver is 16 and has completed 30 hours of driving, they may get their driver’s license. The event is one of life’s most important slices of life.
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Slice of Life 23: Conversations with the Dental Hygienist
They say you should get your teeth cleaned every six months. So, in today’s lesson let’s review what it’s like to chit chat with the dental hygienist. And don’t feel guilty about it. We all know that we could be better at brushing and flossing our teeth.
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Slice of Life 22: New Year’s Day traditions
Some people are totally into New Year’s celebrations, and others seem to be less so. In this episode we find out what people like to do to “bring in the New Year.” Get ready, in the dialog we find out: “You know that’s kind of weird, right?” Let’s find out what the weird tradition is.
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Slice of Life 21: Christmas for the kiddos
Christmas is special for many people, but it’s even more spectacular for young children. Adults get as much satisfaction from making Christmas special for kids as they do for themselves. In today’s episode it looks like the kiddos are going to have a delightful Christmas this year too.
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Slice of Life 20: Go to Bed
Teenagers like going to bed late, but this can cause a problem when there is school the next day, what we call a “school night.” Parents try to get their children to go to sleep at a reasonable hour so they can be productive and energetic at school. Going to bed early is especially important when you have to catch a bus to get to school. Today’s episode we show how this debate goes.
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Slice of Life 19: Elliptical machine work outs
Given the emphasis on exercise these days, it’s nice to work out on the elliptical machine. There’s less stress on your joints, but you still get a good cardio workout, burn a lot of calories, and you can work both your upper and lower body. Today’s episode touts all the benefits of a good workout in the gym.
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Slice of Life 18: Time to Pack
Traveling is fun but packing can be a very stressful activity. Some people hate it more than others. For them, it is never fun to pick and choose what clothing to pack into a suitcase. Procrastination can make packing even more stressful. But in the end, vacations generally result in a good time with great memories for everyone.
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Slice of Life 17: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner
There are few things more traditional than a Thanksgiving dinner. Things just don’t feel right when something is missing. First of all, you have to have the turkey and all the fixings. Those fixings usually include mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables like beans or squash, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and dessert has to be a pie, generally pumpkin pie ranks high on the list. Add some football games to the food, and you’ve got yourself a traditional family celebration.
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Slice of Life 16: Thin-Crust Pizza
One of the great debates in society today is whether thin crust or thick crust pizza is better. I know, you can’t argue taste, but it seems like everyone does. And that is the topic of today’s episode. So, how about you, do you prefer thick or thin crust pizza?
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