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Recent posts

Slice of Life 39: Dollies for my Birthday
Image that you are four years old and it’s almost time for your birthday. What do you want? Well, an L.O.L. doll, isn’t it obvious! In this episode Abby lets us know all about L.O.L. dolls, just in case you are new to the world of surprise toys. It’s not only a lesson in English, it’s a lesson in what’s hot and cool in the world of young little girls who will soon have a birthday.
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Slice of Life 38: Spring Cleaning
For most people, any type of cleaning is an ordeal. Even worse when you have to face organizing your closet and deal with all those clothes and accessories that you have accumulated for years. But when you do this with your sister, it’s so much easier, even fun. And, oh, what a nice feeling to see a clean, well-organized closet!
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Slice of Life 37: Brunch
Everyone likes a nice brunch. It’s the weekend and we can get up late. Forget the morning rush and all the worries about school or work. It’s time to slow down and savor a yummy meal in the company of friends and/or family. Next thing you know, it’s dinner time!
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Slice of Life 36: Earth Day
Earth Day gives us an excuse to execute some kind of plan on what we want to do to respect our planet. In today’s episode, once again, we are going to try to build a compost pile. Wish us luck, because our previous attempts have been less than stellar. It’s worth it though, and the actual compost is awesome.
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Slice of Life 35: Texas Wildflowers
Texas is famous for its colorful wildflowers. We would be remiss if we didn’t create an episode to honor the Texas wildflowers. For those lucky enough to come to Texas, try to make the trip in the spring. For those who can’t come to Texas, at least we have an episode to talk about bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and Indian blankets.
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Slice of Life 34: Bike Ride
In terms of life’s enjoyable activities, riding a bike seems to be on top of that list. Some ride bikes for fun, others ride bikes to get to school and to work. Some buy fancy clothes and equipment, some just hop on. Little kids learn how to ride bikes, and adults love to ride bikes. It only seems fitting that we have an episode to honor those who ride bikes.
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Slice of Life 33: Nature Photography
Today’s cameras are astounding, and with a little training and practice almost anyone can take amazing photos. In this episode we also find out, in addition to the settings, that nature photos are enhanced when you are in the right place at the right time. Enjoy.
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Slice of Life 32: Back To School
There is nothing like a new beginning, a new school year and a new start. Part of getting ready for a new school year is the back-to-school shopping. It’s a time to buy book and supplies, not to mention new school clothes. This year there are tons of things to buy.
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Slice of Life 31: Spring Break
Students of every age love spring break. It’s an intense time to welcome the warmer weather and to rest from all the studies. In Austin, Texas, spring break coincides with SXSW, the South by Southwest conference, exhibition and music festival. Looks like the couple in our dialog have great plans for a wonderful spring break.
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Slice of Life 30: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Let’s be honest, almost nothing tastes better than fresh homemade cookies when they first come out of the oven. In today’s episode we even get to eat some of the cookie dough as well. Talk about a slice of life, this is one of the world’s best. And it’s a good chance to practice your English language skills too.
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