Slice of Life 47: Takeout

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Sometimes you are really hungry but don’t have any time to cook. Other times, you simply don’t feel like cooking or are having a craving for that dish from your favorite restaurant. In these cases, ordering takeout is a great idea!

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 A: I’m so hungry. There’s nothing good to eat at home.
Tô com tanta fome. Não tem nada gostoso pra comer em casa.
  B: Ooh I think I see that Korean place coming up. Wanna go there?
Ah, acho que a gente vai passar por aquele restaurante coreano daqui a pouco. Quer ir?
  A: I mean yeah, but we don’t have time. We’re already late.
Quero sim, mas a gente tá sem tempo. Já estamos atrasadas.
  B: Well… why don’t we just get takeout?
Bom, porque a gente não pede pra viagem?
  A: Good idea!
Boa ideia.
  B: Oh my God, that food smells so good!
Ai meu Deus, essa comida tá com um cheiro tão bom...
  A: I’ll ask them to put some forks in the bag so we can eat in the car.
Vou pedir para eles botarem uns garfinhos de plástico na sacola e a gente come no carro.
  B: Sounds good. I’ll try to not get the car dirty!
Boa. Vou tentar não sujar o carro.
  A: You are a very messy eater…
Você sempre se suja toda quando come...
  B: Hey! I think I see the guy coming with our bag.
Olha lá! Acho que o cara tá vindo com a nossa sacola.


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  1. Sergio Semenow

    I like very much the lesson audio.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Thanks Sergio, and keep coming back for more! Much appreciated.

  2. Dennis Raiol

    Hi, this is Dennis, from Belem/Pa. I liked so much this dialogue. Although it is short, there are many expressions to learn and improve vocabulary. Clever! Thanks for that.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      I agree Dennis, sometimes I find it more helpful to study a short section in detail, rather than a large section lightly.