Slice of Life 20: Go to Bed

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Teenagers like going to bed late, but this can cause a problem when there is school the next day, what we call a “school night.” Parents try to get their children to go to sleep at a reasonable hour so they can be productive and energetic at school. Going to bed early is especially important when you have to catch a bus to get to school. Today’s episode we show how this debate goes.

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 A: Ana! Can you please go to sleep? It’s past midnight!
Ana! Vai dormir! Já é mais de meia-noite!
  B: Wait, let me finish this video.
Peraí. Deixa eu terminar esse vídeo.
  A: How much longer is it?
Falta quanto tempo?
  B: Uhhh, I don’t know, like 20 minutes
Ah, sei lá, tipo 20 minutos.
  A: You have to turn it off now ‘cause it’s a school night.
Você tem que desligar agora porque amanhã tem escola.
  B: Okay, give me a sec.
Tá, me dá um segundo.
  A: If you wake up too late then you’ll miss the bus.
Se você acordar muito tarde vai perder o ônibus.
  B: Then can you drive me?
Aí você me leva de carro?
  A: We’ll see about that… now just get off your phone.
Vamos ver.... agora larga esse celular.
  B: In a sec!
Um segundo!

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