Slice of Life 10: What’s for Dinner?

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Dinner is a time when the whole family meets up at the table to eat food after a long day. Sometimes, this is the first time that all family members even see each other that day. It’s a great time to share stories about the day. In today’s episode the big decision is whether to have pasta or chicken.

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 A: What’s for dinner? I’m starving.
O que é que tem pro jantar? Tô morrendo de fome.
  B: Chicken.
  A: Awwww…. Can we have pasta instead? I’m having such a craving for pasta…
Ah… Não dá pra fazer macarrão ao invés de frango? Tô com uma vontade danada de comer macarrão...
  B: Sweetie, I’ve already defrosted the chicken. It’s gonna go bad if I don't cook it by tonight. But we can have pasta tomorrow.
Ô, meu amor, eu já descongelei o frango. Vai estragar se eu não fizer agora de noite. Mas a gente pode comer macarrão amanhã...
  A: OK.
  B: Are you done with your homework?
Já terminou seu dever?
  A: Almost.
  B: So why don't you go finish it while I prepare dinner?
Então vai lá terminar enquanto eu faço o jantar.
  A: Okaaaay….
Tá booooom.

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