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Beginning 01: Where Are You From?
So where are you from? In this lesson we find out that Paulo is from Rio. And the young lady that he is talking to, she is from Brasilia, what some people call “Brazil’s big sky” country. Learn how to ask where somebody is from.
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Beginning 02: Greetings
Let’s see how Paulo is doing. Because when he is doing fine, we all feel better. In this lesson we learn how to ask people how they are doing. Even better, we learn how to respond to that question too.
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Beginning 03: Where’s The Bathroom?
It’s one thing to ask where the bathroom is, but it is another thing to be able to understand the directions that are given too. In this case, is the bathroom on the left or on the right? Learn how to ask for directions, and then follow them as well.
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Beginning 04: Where Are The Kid’s Clothes?
Modern shopping malls in Brazil are called, shopping. Be careful however, because it is easy to get lost in the maze of floors and corridors. In today’s lesson, learn how to follow the instructions to get to the children’s clothing section on the fourth floor.
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Beginning 05: Anybody Home?
Anybody home?!!!! In this lesson we learn how to ask if anyone is home and we also get some hints about what Brazilians say when they invite someone to come into their home. Don’t worry, we are sure that they will tell you to make yourself comfortable.
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Beginning 06: Going To The Movies?
Everyone is going to the movies, and Susana is going too. Do you want to come along? In this lesson find out how, and while you are at it, learn all about the verb IR, (to go).
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Beginning 07: How Old Are You?
Maybe socially we shouldn’t ask everyone their age, but after this lesson we will at least know how to do so, for those occasions when it is OK to ask. While we are at it, this lesson also gives us a nice introduction to the ver TER (to have) vs. ESTAR COM (to be with).
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Elementary 01: Did You Sleep Well?
6:30am can seem so early sometimes! How about we sleep a little longer, OK? Learn how to ask what time it is, and while you are at it, suggest that we sleep just a little more.
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Elementary 02: Which Bus Should I Take?
Large cities in Brazil have thousands of public buses, all of them with complicated routes, hundreds of bus stops, and tons of different schedules. In this lesson we learn how to ask what streets a bus will go down, super practical information to for those who will be traveling in Brazil.
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Elementary 03: You Can’t Keep Working Like This
Sometimes we just can’t get away from our work. But really, is it more important than taking a break to go out to lunch with friends? In this lesson we learn about how to invite others to lunch. Hopefully you will be able to accept the invite, unlike Paulo in this lesson!
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Elementary 04: What Is Today’s Special?
Sure the daily specials are good too, but it is hard to beat the usual, which in today’s lesson is a cheese bacon burger with fries and a soft drink. Learn about how to invite your friends to try something new to eat.
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Elementary 05: I Love Feijoada
In today’s lesson we learn how to talk about one of the most characteristic foods of Brazil, feijoada. Think of a black bean stew with lots of different meats and the serve that over rice. You’ve got it, and for meat lovers, it is hard to resist.
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Elementary 06: How Many Languages Do You Speak?
Since you are trying to learn Portuguese, it only makes sense that we have a lesson on how to say the names of other languages too. And that is what today’s lesson is all about.
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Intermediate 01: Sweetie, I’m Pregnant.
Morning sickness, cravings, wow, there are a lot of things that happen when a woman becomes pregnant. In this lesson we learn about how to talk about all of these things. And we sure hope that other fathers catch on quicker than the one in this dialog!
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Intermediate 02: Marquinhos Wet The Bed Again.
Ah yes, the challenges of potty training our children. Is my child normal? When is the right time to start? Am I doing anything wrong? This lesson gets us into this topic, and all in Portuguese of course.
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Beginning 08: Do You Have His Mobile Number?
Wow, how long are those phone numbers in Brazil! Don’t worry, in this lesson we break it down into smaller chunks. And yes, Brazilians do say ‘celular’ for all types of mobile phones.
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Beginning 09: What Do You Do For Work?
We sincerely doubt that Paulo has some secret government job, but at least in this lesson you will learn how to ask people what type of job they have.
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Beginning 10: Your Sister Is Beautiful
Not only is Paulo’s sister beautiful, looks like Paulo thinks he is pretty good looking too! In this lesson we learn how to give a complement, and ask someone what he or she thinks about things. Grammatically, we take on possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, etc.).
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Elementary 07: No Class Tomorrow
So the word for Wednesday in Portuguese is something like ‘fourth market.’ OK, looks like we need to learn how to count the days of the week. In today’s lesson we learn about scheduling times to meet with a teacher, including days of the week.
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Elementary 08: Finding The Taxi Stand
It is one thing to ask where the taxi stand is, but it is another thing to understand the response. A good part of understanding these instructions is related to how well one understands those pesky adverbs of location (e.g., to the right, to the left, etc.). And that is the objective behind today’s lesson.
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Beginning 11: I’d Rather Walk
So, should we walk or take a taxi? On one hand, plan on walking more in Brazil. On the other hand, taxi are not every expensive, especially with a small group of people. In today’s lesson we talk about walking and taking a taxi. And, it is a good chance to introduce you to the verb preferir ‘to prefer’ too.
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Beginning 13: These Mangos Are Great
One of life’s most satisfying pleasures is to spend time at open outdoor markets, the feiras, as Brazilians call them. The sellers are amazing. They know exactly when the fruit will be ripe and they can help you choose the best one available. There’s also an art to how to settle on a price. In today’s lesson, we learn how to buy some mangos, one of the classic fruit treats that are found at feiras.
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Beginning 12: Let’s Take The Subway
Oh man, when we talk about how crowded the subways can be in Brazil, we really mean full. Put a smile on your face, squeeze in a little tighter, and plan on meeting new people in a personal way. In today’s lesson we learn about talking about subways, and suggesting that we take the subway.
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Beginning 14: Everything is More Expensive
We hate to say it, but unfortunately things are more expensive. That’s just the way it’s going to be. At least in this lesson we can moan and groan about it a little bit in Portuguese.
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Beginning 15: I’m Fat
It’s one of life’s great challenges, do you buy extra large to feel more comfortable or do you buy a large to not have to tell the world that you are getting a little fatter? Truth told, you are looking good either way, and today we learn how to talk about that in Portuguese.
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Beginning 17: I’m Making Dinner
If you are inviting me to eat moqueca, you don’t need to invite me to twice. I’ll wash up and take a seat. And if you haven’t tried moqueca, at least this lesson gives you the vocabulary and grammar to talk about it.
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Beginning 16: Where Do You Want to Eat?
Sometimes we never get tired of our favorite restaurants. In today’s lesson we learn how to suggest that we go back to our favorite once again. And, by the way, we do agree that comida mineira is excellent food!
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Beginning 19: It’s So Hot!
We can’t change the weather by talking about it, but at least it feels good to vent a little bit. Too hot, too cold, too rainy, today you will learn how to talk about the weather in Portuguese, even if nothing actually changes.
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Beginning 18: Going To The Party?
One thing about Brazilian parties, there is no beginning or ending time. Come when you can, stay as long as you can. In this lesson we can teach you the grammar and vocabulary, but you need to bring the party attitude!
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Beginning 20: The Door Is Locked
How is it possible that we always misplace our keys, even when they are in our pocket or purse! It happens all the time, admit it. So it only makes sense that we learn that same conversation in Portuguese, which is the topic of today’s lesson.
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Elementary 09: Learning Portuguese Is Difficult
Is it so frustrating to learn how to pronounce words in Portuguese. There are different sounds for all of the vowels and there don’t seem to be any rules. And those verb endings, it’s crazy! Never fear. In today’s lesson will give you a few hints along the way, and we’ll let you know that it’s really no big deal.
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Beginning 21: Is This A Good Color?
Men, we all relate to the pressure of being asked by a women if a certain article of clothing looks good or not. Ladies, ya’ll are beautiful, you can wear either the blue or the red blouse. You look great either way. However, we still need to learn how to handle this situation in Portuguese, and that is the objective of today’s lesson. And, we should learn the names of some colors too.
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Elementary 10: I’ve Got To Go Bad
When you gotta go, you gotta go, and in this lesson we’ve gotta go. But there is no way that we are using those dirty public bathrooms. You will thank us later when you know how to talk about this in Portuguese.
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Elementary 11: Her Husband’s A Creep
Do you know a creepy person? In this lesson we have a dialogue where we talk about other people, and we will learn how to refer to those who are lazy, rude and creepy in Portuguese. It has to be a useful lesson, right?
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Elementary 12: Look At Those Muscles!
Going to the gym, working out, exercising, for some these words all carry a positive feeling. For others, they bring up feelings of dread or guilt. In today’s lesson Andreia is really into working out, or at least watching others work out. Cassia, not so much. And even if you are not in perfect shape, after today’s lesson you will at least be able to talk about it.
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Elementary 13: You Are Really Tall
Are you pretty happy with your height and weight? Remember that when you talk about that in Portuguese, you will have to switch to the metric system. So, just how tall are you and how much do you weigh? Learn how to talk about that in today’s lesson.
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Elementary 14: I Love Teaching Children
After today’s lesson we will all feel like we need to go back to elementary school, unless of course you already know how to calculate the area of a trapezoid. Just kidding, but after this lesson you will be able to identify some basic shapes in Portuguese.
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Elementary 15: Soccer Is Violent
Go ahead, make jokes about how soccer players fake injuries. Now, why don’t you try hitting your head with another guy’s cleats. We aren’t praising the violence; we’re just saying that it can get rough out there. After today’s lesson you can talk about soccer in Portuguese too.
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Elementary 16: Dessert Makes Me Happy
Some things are just difficult to translate, and the names of different Brazilian desserts definitely fall in that category. Truth told, tasting them is the only way to really know what we are talking about. Taste truly trumps translation. Still, after this lesson you will know a number of Brazilian desserts that you should at least try to taste sometime.
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Elementary 17: No Fried Foods
What could it hurt, a little fried food for lunch, no big deal, right? If it means that you get to eat quibe, esfirra, coxinha and pastelzinhos, perhaps the extra calories are worth it. But then again, too much of a good thing might add on the extra pounds. After today’s lesson, you will be able to either order more fried foods or avoid more fried foods!
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Elementary 18: Give Me A Dozen Roses
We all hope that someday, as a foreigner in Brazil, you have the opportunity to buy flowers. There is a delightful mix of the excitement in seeing the many new flowers, the relatively cheaper prices, and the fun of the exchange with the flower sellers. In this lesson we should learn some of the Portuguese that you’ll need for your flower-buying experience.
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Intermediate 03: The New iPad Just Came Out
Yeah, the new iPad is out, and Antonio wants to take a peek. Andreia, however, is skeptical. Is it a big deal, or just another excuse to spend money on a new toy? In today’s lesson we’ll see how much Brazilian adopt new foreign words into their everyday speech.
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Intermediate 04: Love that Perfume
Buying perfume seems to be as complicated as choosing a fine wine. There is a combination of personal taste mixed with a knowledge about top notes, middle notes and a whole list of different scents and aromas. In this lesson we take on the task of buying perfume, and in the end, even the decorative bottle becomes part of the purchase decision.
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Elementary 19: I Just Love To Travel
In this lesson we not only learn how to talk about traveling, but we also get the added bonus of talking about Florianopolis, truly one of the jewels of the southern part of Brazil.
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Elementary 20: I Nearly Froze To Death
Really? I mean seriously! How is it possible for people to live in places where the winter temperatures are below freezing? We know that many people do, but for people like Marcos in today’s lesson, those cold temperatures are shocking! And that’s what we learn to talk about in today’s lesson.
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Intermediate 05: Reserving the Conference Room
The company may have a new conference room, but just try to make a reservation to use it. Others have it reserved for today. But don’t worry, tomorrow it’s available all day. And after today’s lesson, you be able to make the same reservations in Portuguese too.
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Beginning 22: How Do You Spell That?
Do you know how in English we sometimes aren’t sure if words are spelled with an ‘s’ or a ‘c’? The same thing happens for Brazilians in Portuguese. There are some words that are harder to spell. Let’s learn about that in today’s lesson.
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Elementary 21: I Don’t Get Art
Some love museums, and others don’t. What is exceptionally exciting for one person, is the height of boredom for another. Either way, if you do go to the museum, don’t ruin it for the others by making wisecracks, snide comments, and ugly faces during the whole visit. Be nice, and in this lesson we learn to be nice about it in Portuguese.
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Beginning 23: Meeting Your New Professor
It’s always nice to meet someone new, and in this lesson we meet our new professor, who is nice enough to invite us in for a chat.
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Elementary 22: I Don’t Like Açaí
We’ve all heard about the wonders of the açaí berry: antioxidants, fiber, low in fat, super energy, etc. Whether that is true or not, there are those who just love the taste of açaí smoothies. Others, however, just can’t get used to the unique taste. After this lesson, if you haven’t every tried açaí, you’ll wonder which side of the debate you will be on.
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Beginning 24: What Are You Doing?
Oops, looks like some people just got caught at working doing something that they weren’t supposed to do. We’ll leave it up to your imagination to say what they were doing. However, in this lesson we’ll give you the specific words and grammar that you’ll need to talk about it, whatever it was.
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Elementary 23: What Kind Of Steak Do You Like?
Brazilian churrasco (barbecue) is world famous, especially among the beef lovers of the world. Probably two of the major features include the use of sea salt in the flavoring and the unique cuts of meat, including the well-known picanha. In today’s lesson however, we find out that picanha isn’t everyone’s favorite cut of meat.
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Elementary 24: What A Terrible Smell
Poor old João, he’s been playing ball, comes home all sweating and hot. Should we give the guy a few minutes to cool down or should we tell him to go jump in the showers? He smells terrible, and it’s a good thing that in this lesson we can tell people to go take a bath in Portuguese.
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Beginning 25: Get Out Of Bed
We’ve all been there. The alarm clock doesn’t go off as expected and the next thing we know, somebody is yelling at us to get up. We’ve all been there. And in today’s lesson you can relive the moment in Portuguese!
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Elementary 25: Have You Quit Smoking?
João has been trying to quit smoking. He’s not quite there yet, but looks like he is still motivated to kick the habit. Good thing for João. And good thing for us too, because we learn to talk about it in Portuguese.
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Elementary 26: Turn Right At The Third Door
Let’s hope that section18 row 25 has good seats for whatever performance Daniela in our dialog is attending. And let’s also hope that they can follow the instructions to find those seats. In today’s lesson we learn the Portuguese phrases that you’ll need to get from one place to another.
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Beginning 27: I’m Going To Throw Up
Maybe it’s something you ate. Maybe you just ate too much. Or maybe you’ve caught some flu bug. Either way, you aren’t feeling very well, and chances are that you are going to throw up. And on that happy note, in today’s lesson we learn to talk about all of this in Portuguese!
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Beginning 26: Let’s Sing Guys
For some people singing in public is not a big deal, but for others it is really tough. And for those of you who think it is easy, have a little compassion on the rest of us, OK? And even if your singing is less than professional, after this lesson you will at least be able to talk about it in Portuguese.
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Elementary 27: I Hate Pets
“Oh, look at the cute little puppy!” Well, some love to look at the cute little puppy, but others can only think of the awful sensation of shedding hair, licked faces, and smelly fur. Whether you are a pet lover or a pet despiser, we’ve got you covered to talk about it in Portuguese.
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Beginning 28: Who Is that Guy?
Girl talk, you know, “Who is that handsome guy over there?” Guys, it may be an illusion on your part. Chances are that they are not talking about you. But then again, maybe they are. And in today’s lesson, at least we learn to talk about other people in Portuguese.
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Elementary 28: What Sports Did You Play?
Ah yes, the pleasure of sitting by the pool, talking to friends, and watching the kids playing in the water. You used to be the kids, and now look at you, passing on the tradition for another generation. Let’s talk about those good old days in Portuguese.
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Beginning 29: The Baby Is Sleeping
Shhh, I know everyone says, “sleeping like a baby” but please be more quiet because this one really is sleeping. And in today’s lesson we talk about babies and sleeping in Portuguese.
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Elementary 29: I Dreamt About You
Why are our dreams so weird? Really, it seems like our subconscious has some pretty creative ways to freak out while we sleep. And in today’s lesson we even learn to interpret the meaning of your bizarre dreams too, in Portuguese that is.
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Beginning 30: Passion Fruit Juice
The fruit juices in Brazil are fantastic. Really, our recommendation is that among the first things you ever do in Brazil is to try the different fruit juices. There are hundreds of tropical fruits and many make excellent juices. This lesson will get you started, and you will also learn the Portuguese necessary to experience new flavors.
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Elementary 30: Confusing Subway Station
The subway in São Paulo is quite impressive, with new lines that have been added in recent years. It is easy to figure out, easy to get around, and very convenient. We do warn you, however, that the trains can get completely full. Get ready to squeeze in, but thanks to this lesson, you will be able to do so in Portuguese.
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Intermediate 06: Buying A Guitar
Buying a guitar can be complicated. There are so many types and styles. It’s a good thing that Andreia is helping Antonio to choose the appropriate one for his son. And even better, it gives us a chance to learn about this in Portuguese.
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Beginning 31: Is Mr. Oliveira In?
Sometimes it is difficult to ask for information on the phone, partly because you cannot see who you are talking to. In today’s lesson we make things a little easier by giving you the words that you need to say and the words that you will probably hear.
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Elementary 31: Where Is Breakfast?
It’s always nice to wake up in a hotel and head on down to a buffet breakfast. Especially in Brazil this means that you get lots of fresh fruit, juices, breads, cheeses, and something hot to drink. After today’s lesson you should be able to find out how to get to breakfast, and hopefully know what time it is served too.
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Beginning 32: What Type Of Music Do You Like?
Truth told, if you learn Portuguese for no other reason than to simply listen to Brazilian music, you have got a perfect reason to learn the language. This lesson will get you started on talking about the music that you like.
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Elementary 32: Did You Like The Movie?
Going to the movies is much more involved than it used to be. You used to be able to just choose the movie. Now you decide on 3D, fancy seats, assigned seating, apps to download, meals and treats, early shows, it’s much more involved. Still, the language you need to talk about what you like and dislike about the movies, you’ve got it in this lesson.
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Beginning 33: Nothing For Me?
Everyone is passing out the gifts, and it looks like João didn’t get anything. Well, how sad is that! Even if we don’t have anything to make him feel better, at least we can come out of this lesson with new ways in Portuguese to talk about it.
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Elementary 33: They Broke Up Last Week
Oh, Oh! Looks like Daniela and Marcos broke up, but nobody told Elisângela about it. Oops, of course she didn’t mean anything by her comments, but it would have been nice if someone had told her what was going ton. At least in your case, you will learn how to deal with this type of situation in Portuguese.
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Beginning 34: Wow, Your Baby Has Grown A Lot
Kids, they grow up so fast. And if you haven’t seen them for a while, all of a sudden they seem to have grown up. It is the most natural of conversations, asking how the family is doing. And after this lesson, you will be able to do more of that in Portuguese.
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Elementary 34: Let’s Take Your Blood Pressure
We all know, it’s one thing to exercise, but we still need to watch what we eat. Looks like in this lesson we learn that by eating less salt and by drinking less coffee, chances are that our blood pressure will improve. At least that is what we hope, and now that hope can be expressed in Portuguese too.
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Beginning 35: Where Are My Keys?
If most of us had a dime for every time we misplace our keys, we would all be able to finance our next trip to Brazil. And yet, misplacing keys and being to ask about them in Portuguese are two different things. By the end of this lesson, you will at least know how to ask about them, even if you still have a habit of losing them.
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Elementary 35: Galaxy or iPhone?
Android or Apple, that is a question we all seem to face nowadays. Cost, quality, reputations, features, there is a lot that goes into the decision. Whichever you decide to buy, this lesson gives you the vocabulary to talk about the issues involved. Good luck in your purchase.
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Beginning 36: Good Day To You Too
It doesn’t take much effort to wish someone a pleasant day, and the small effort just makes our day better. So after this lesson, you will be able to make people feel better in Portuguese too.
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Elementary 36: Online Shopping
Shopping online can be extremely convenient, but is it secure? Some love to buy everything online and others would rather go to the store. In this lesson we learn to talk about online shopping.
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Beginning 37: The Dog Ran Away!
We love our pets. Well, mostly we love our pets, but they can be a lot of work. In today’s lesson the dog runs away. But just how sad is that going to make everyone?
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Elementary 37: Watching Health And Well-Being Shows
Some love those television shows about health, well-being, fitness, and relationships. Others think that they are a lot of nonsense. Informative or entertainment, helpful or deceiving, in this lesson we get to talk about all of this in Portuguese.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Beginning 38: First Time In Brazil?
We can pretend that the reason that we are traveling to Brazil is to work or to study, but in this lesson we learn how to confess what really motivates our travel. Listen and find out what.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Elementary 38: Hacking Into Wifi Networks
Security, network safety, computer hacking, wifi networks, passwords, where does it stop? Are we being prudently cautious or just paranoid? That is the topic in today’s lesson, and come away with lots of new vocabulary related to high tech as well.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Beginning 39: You Caught A Cold!
All that sneezing and runny nose! You’ve got a cold, poor thing. Chances are you aren’t in the mood to do a lot of talking, but in this lesson at least you can learn about how to talk about it.
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Elementary 39: This Lasagna Is Fantastic
No doubt, our lessons are about Portuguese, but how can somebody resist good Italian food? And where do you find some of the world’s best Italian food? In São Paulo, Brazil of course. Enjoy a large serving of lasagna and enjoy the lesson about food.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Beginning 40: Counting Steps With My Fitbit
They say that the way to make progress is to keep track of progress. If so, the Fitbit has got you covered, counting all of your steps each day. Bring it on, and good luck in out-distancing your friends. Even more, now you can talk about it in Portuguese.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Elementary 40: Casual Summer Dress
Casual clothing, what could be better than a casual afternoon, comfortable clothing, informal settings, and a feeling of chill? Well, for some the answer is that dressing up and looking fine more fun than life in a t-shirt and shorts. Whatever side you fall on, here’s the Portuguese language to go with it.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Intermediate 07: Visiting the Soccer Museum
Of course not everyone loves soccer, but everyone should be able to join in on conversations about soccer. And what better way to talk the talk than to visit the soccer museum in São Paulo? So here we go, who was better Pelé or Garrincha? Maradona or Messi?.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Beginning 41: Do I Look Fat In This Dress?
Careful! One of life’s most challenging questions, “Honey, do I look fat in this dress?” Of course the answer is ‘no.’ And in today’s lesson we learn how to subtly handle this task in Portuguese.
Lesson MP3 | Dialog MP3
Elementary 41: The Electric Bill Has Arrived
Nobody likes to have to pay the bills, but when the amount is even more than usual, it is even more difficult to accept. In today’s lesson the electric bill is way too high. Find out whose fault that is.
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Beginning 42: Can You Buy A Little Milk?
Don’t you hate it when you run out of milk! How can one be expected to eat cereal for breakfast when there is no milk. Oops, let’s take that back. Brazilians don’t eat cold cereal for breakfast. Still, if someone is going to the store, let’s learn how to ask them to pick up some milk.
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Elementary 42: Plucking Your Eyebrows
What is this, some kind of torture! When it comes to waxing and plucking eyebrows, you women have an incredible threshold of pain. We admire that, and after this lesson, that admiration can be expressed in Portuguese.
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Beginning 43: Do You Like Your Job?
You love your job, but it’s your boss who makes things difficult, right? Hey, we feel your pain, and after this lesson, we’ll be able to feel your pain, and talk about it, in Portuguese.
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Elementary 43: Take Out The Trash
Wow, that garbage can is starting to smell bad. Either we learn some Portuguese to talk about taking the trash out, or we take out the trash ourselves. Either way, this lesson has got to help us clear the air a bit.
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Beginning 44: Here kitty, kitty, kitty
We know that people love their pets, and we love ours too. But really, if the only thing that people like about you more than their pet is that you don’t shed hair all over, well that’s not much of a complement. Still, it sounds better in Portuguese.
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Elementary 44: Empire State Building, I Love It!
More and more Brazilians are traveling abroad, and what an exciting thing it is to see. In today’s lesson our Brazilians are in New York City, and look how fun it is to see the Empire State Building. Of course, we will want to be able to talk about all of this in Portuguese.
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Beginning 45: Can’t Find The Remote, Again
We all know that we need this lesson. Who hasn’t lost the remote? All remote just seem to disappear, and the same is true in Brazil. We can’t guarantee that it will be any easier to find the remote, but after this lesson you will at least be able to ask for it in Portuguese.
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Elementary 45: No Green Thumb From You
How do you keep those houseplants alive? For some it is easy, for others there is no hope. Do you have a green thumb? And if so, and you talk about it in Portuguese? After today’s lesson you will be one step closer (at least in talking about it).
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Beginning 46: The Grandchildren Are Afraid Of Clowns
There is no question that grandparents love to be with the grandchildren. The hard part is choosing the activities that the kiddos enjoy. In today’s lesson that activity is not the circus, but after this lesson you will have the Portuguese to talk about other possible ways to entertain the grandchildren.
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Elementary 46: Would You Ever Do Plastic Surgery?
When it comes to plastic surgery, the joke is that there are no ugly women, just poor husbands. Of course plastic surgery is not the solution to all beauty issues, and in today’s lesson Marco does a good job of reassuring his wife that she is beautiful. After today’s lesson you will be able to do the same, with or without plastic surgery.
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Beginning 47: Just Hit Control-C
Some people catch on to new technologies with no problems, others struggle with the new learning curve. Take for example the time you tried to teach grandma how to use a computer. In today’s lesson we tackle that problem, in Portuguese no less!
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Elementary 47: The New Baby’s Keeping Me Up At Night
Some of the most tender moments in life are when we get to hold a baby, especially in those quiet hours in the night when it is just you and the baby. But man, it’s exhausting to keep up that pace! Still, after today’s lesson, we’ll be able to talk about those moments in Portuguese too.
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Intermediate 09: Are you going to the Olympics??
We have been looking forward to this for years. The Olympics are coming to Brazil and now we have to decide if we are going to attend the events live. After today’s lesson, you should be more excited than ever to attend.
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Intermediate 10: Have you purchased tickets to the Olympics?
So the Olympics are coming, but now we need to purchase tickets. Which events would you like to see most? Let’s just hope that they aren’t too difficult to come by. At least after this lesson we’ll have the Portuguese ability to talk about our tickets.
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Intermediate 11: Congrats to the Silver Medal Winner
We have been looking forward to this for years. The Olympics are coming to Brazil and now we have to decide if we are going to attend the events live. After today’s lesson, you should be more excited than ever to attend.
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Intermediate 12: Wow, Those Gymnasts Are Amazing!
How can those athletes combine such grace and strength, it’s amazing. After today’s lesson we will be able to use Portuguese to describe such moves in gymnastics.
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Intermediate 13: Who Has Won The Most Medals?
Medal count, some say that it takes away from the Olympic games and others think it is the very reason for the Olympics. How is your country doing in the total medal count?
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Intermediate 14: The Swimmer Was Disqualified
How sad would it be to train for years and years, and then be disqualified for a false start. That’s part of the Olympic drama and part of the lesson for today.
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Intermediate 15: How Do I Know What A 10 Looks Like!
Let’s be honest, they say that dive was a 9.6 or a 9.7, but didn’t they all look the same to the untrained eye? After a few days of watching Olympics we start to think that we really do see a difference. Either way, now we can talk about those points in Portuguese.
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Intermediate 16: What Could Be Cooler Than Rowing In Rio!
Sweeping, sculling, really, how does one figure out all of these rowing options? The truth is that it is fun to watch, even if you don’t get all the details. So gather the crew and the coxswain and learn how to talk about rowing in Portuguese.
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Intermediate 17: Faster, Higher, Stronger
The Olympic motto is “faster, higher, stronger.” For some of us, we really get into the pure Olympic spirit. For others of us, we are way too cynical to buy into that. Where is your focus? Whatever side you fall on, here’s a change to talk about it in Portuguese.
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Intermediate 18: Our Olympic Dream
Living the Olympic dream! If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you like to compete in? Bring it on, and bring it on in Portuguese.
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Beginning 48: The Tangerines Are Awesome
Feiras or markets, what a fantastic way to enjoy a couple of hours, do some excellent shopping, and also hear tons of everyday language. Remember to taste the foods, just see verify the ones that you really want to buy. In today’s lesson the seller has some good bananas, but the buyer is also looking for some tangerines. Enjoy!
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Elementary 48: The Microwave Stopped Working
Out of all the appliances that one might need in the kitchen, for many the microwave oven is the most used. Cooking, what do you mean cooking? We just heat things up, right? No matter how you use the microwave, in today’s lesson we learn to talk about it in Portuguese.
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Beginning 49: Grandma’s Fruit Preserves
Lots of us have great memories of watching grandma making jams and preserves. Picking the fruits, adding the sugar, putting it in jars, ahh the good old days with granny. In today’s lesson we reminisce about all of this and how great it was to have grandma around!
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Elementary 49: So, How’s The Soup?
It’s OK to experiment with new recipes, but sometimes it’s better not to mess with a good thing. In today’s lesson we find out that the old soup recipe was just fine. Leave well enough alone. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And in this case we all gain in learning some more Portuguese.
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Beginning 50: It’s Late, I’m Worried
Parents, gotta love them. They worry about their kids, especially when the kids arrive home late at night. Well, don’t worry, because if you worry, we’ll give you the words to do so in Portuguese.
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Elementary 50: I Caught A Really Bad Cold
There is never a good time to have a cold. But why does it feel that each cold is the worst one ever. We feel bad for you, and we hope you get the rest and medicine that you need. It may be of small consolation, but at least you can talk about your cold in Portuguese now, if you want to.
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Intermediate 08: Food In Bahia Is Awesome
Bahia, if food doesn’t come to mind as the very first thing, chances are that it’s the still one of the top associations. Vatapá, caruru, moqueca, it just seems that the never-ending list of great foods just sparkle with a Bahia shine. In today’s lesson we focus on the food that perhaps most we most associate with Bahia: Acarajé. Listen to Andreia and Antonio tell us how acarajé is made.
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Intermediate 19: Remove Those Facebook Photos
Go ahead, say that you hate Facebook, but then be honest, how many times do you check it each day? Check up on old friends, find out whose birthday it is, post photos of yesterday’s party. In this lesson Andreia really didn’t want those pictures to go public. Too late, and everyone “likes” them a lot.
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Intermediate 20: I’m Not Into Politics, But…
No doubt, the current political scene in Brazil is going through a difficult period. Still, we should be able to talk about it without being mean and ugly. That is how our people see it, and that is how our lesson flows today. Ah, if everyone could approach it this way!
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Intermediate 21: Auto-Correction In Multiple Languages
Sure, it’s convenient to be able to write in multiple languages, but sometimes the auto-correct messes you up too. No problem, in today’s lesson we talk about how to set up your phone to type in either English or Portuguese.
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Intermediate 22: My Brother Is Getting Married
So how weird is it when your brother or sister gets married? I mean really, you’ve seen your brother as the little kid who tags along, and now somebody loves him enough to spend her life with him! Yep, that’s today’s lesson, and fortunately, everybody loves the new sister-in-law.
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